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   Ivory carving

Ref J2 NTT

Ivory group carving of Dentist extolling his prowess, whilst a child at his feet indicates a patient, with calipers. Signed.    
Very fine quality
Height 10.5 cms
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   Ivory Rakkan

Ref J7 PUT

Fine quality ivory carving of a Rakkan. Handaka Sonja, signed Shusei, late
19th century/early 20th century. The piece appears very well carved
He stands on a rock holding a gnarled staff and a Koro in the other hand,raised above his head, the ...
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   Stag Antler Carving

Ref:C35 URTT

Frog with two young.
Early 19th century incense holder exquisitely carved out of stag antler horn
10cms long x 6cms wide x 5cms high
19th century
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   Ivory Okimona SOLD

Ref: J38 MMUA

Ebisu, one of the seven gods of luck and protector of fishermen and merchants. With his right foot he is standing on a bag and is wearing his eboshi (court hat). Beside him a fishing rod.
The second figure shows a Kappa, ...
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   Brown pottery

Ref: C9 NTT

Dark Brown pottery, H'Sing Decorated cover with chrysanthemums. Water Dropper with decorated moulded lid. Four compressed feet. Inscription on base. Four pieces
12.5 x 19 cms

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   Bronze tiger

Ref: J6 ARI

Tiger crouching on all fours, roaring.Stripes on body - enameled in a light brown.
Wooden stand.
Length 46 cms.

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   Imari porcelain

Ref: J8 ATT

Porcelain plaque of circular form, decorated in underglaze blue, iron red and turquoise with a central foliate boss surrounded by four lotus shaped panels enclosing flower sprays and figures of woodcutters standing beside bamboo trees on a foliate and diapered ground
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