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   T'ang pottery vase

Ref: C16 AAN

Straw glazed vase. Stoneware. Well potted globular body surmounted by a short waisted neck rising to a widely flared galleried rim. Very smooth surface         15.5 cms high
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   Anamese Blue and White

Ref:102a CA

Rare, antique Anamese blue and white bowl, the interior with central floral medallion, exterior with foliate and floral band (rim chip and wear)
15th Century
Diam: 5 1/2"

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   KangXi Famille Verte

Ref: C13/ C14 AUS

A good pair of biscuit figures of Buddist Lions as joss - stick holders, seated on pierced and draped rectangular bases with teeth bared in a fearsome grimace and biting on trailing ribbons, one with a playful pup at its shoulder, ...
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Ref: J3 NTT

Pale ivory carving of a man with pipe and bowl, a monkey on his shoulder, a boy jumping beside him offering a peach spray. Another monkey at their feet with more peaches in a basket.
10.5 cms high

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   Qianlong Bowl

Ref:C501 SUTT

Qianlong punch bowl in  perfect condition

diameter 31,5 cm

height 13 cm

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   T'ang Pottery figure

Ref: C2 NMA

Straw-glazed pottery figure of a seated lady, with both knees raised with one hand resting on one knee, dressed in a loose gown tied with a thin sash high about the waist and with a shawl draped over her shoulders her ...
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   T'ang pottery dogs

Ref:26/27 SSI

Two pottery dogs, seated, shown with their tails curling up over their right flanks, the heads with alert expressions and the necks with collars. One of the dogs with dark patches, blue on the degraded white slip. Traces of glaze.
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   T'ang pottery bowl

Ref: C29 UT

Brown glaze over buff slip, everted rim and unglazed foot.
7 cms diameter

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   Han pottery vase

Ref:C32 MAT

The pear shaped body supported on a splayed foot, the shoulders pierced with two rectangular slots, the surface with traces of red pigment. Han dynasty  
206 BC - 220 AD
37.5 cms high

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   Archaic Bronze Jia/ Chüeh

Ref: B2 NTA

A Bronze Archaistic Chinese Wine Vessel (Jia) Shang period 12th - 11th cent BC
A bronze archaistic Chinese wine vessel (Jia), on three tapered splayed legs, with a flaring boat-shaped rim, with one handle that has an animal's face in relief, with ...
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   Chinese Paper Scroll


Chinese Paper Scroll: Birds
Chinese ink and colors on paper scroll; depicting three magpies beneath tree, one eating an insect, signed in numerous seals (toned and stains); 35 3/4" x 16 1/2"

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   Thiere, blue and white teapot

Ref: C500 MTTS

Fine Qianlong blue and white tea pot  
Perfect condition

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