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   Gandhara Buddha

Ref: 274 UPS

Buddha made of Schist  found in Swat  North West
Frontier Pakistan .
Height  20 cm
2nd / 3rd century  AD

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   Gandhara frieze

Ref: 1100 UPT

Two naked figures carrying flowers for Buddha .
Length  41 cm  Width 15 cm

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   Gandhara Buddha

Ref: 1200 AUC

Indian Sculpture. South-East Asia. N W India. Grey stone Schist sculpture. Seated Buddha in relief in Dhyanasana. Maitreya with stone halo,or sun behind head.

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   Gandhara standing Buddha

Ref: 275 NCT

Standing Buddha ( half body ) Swat Pakistan
2nd/ 3rd century AD
height 25 cm

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   Pala schist

Ref: 463 ASRT

An important early black stone Buddhist relief
Northeast India, Pala period
9th/10th century
Depicting a row of six finely - carved seated Buddhas in various mudras and holding different attributes perhaps once part of an architectural frieze on a temple
23 x 41 cm

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   Gandhara frieze

Ref: G11 NTT

Frieze  showing hunting scene with Buddha
Swat  Pakistan
2nd to 3rd century AD

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