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Karel de Moor

Ref 03 RTA

Oil painting on panel. Original frame. Dutch 17th century. 16.6 x 13.5 cms        
'Portrait of a long-haired boy wearing a feathered cap and a medalion'    
Research by Monique Hanrath in Utrecht points to Godfried Schalken, or Schalcken who in turn may have copied this from Frans Mieris the Elder. The original has been lost! The painting  of the nobleman from Frans Mieris the Elder is known.  
Otto Naumann (NY) attributed this painting to Karel de Moor. Born in Leiden, Moor studied drawing with Dou. In 1672 be became a pupil of Amsterdam portraitist Abraham van den Temple. He returned to Leiden to study with Frans van Mieris, and then went to Dordrecht for further instruction with Godfried Schalcken. During his early career de Moor not only was active as a portrait painter but also produced genre and narrative pictures.